Tuesday, April 13, 2010


On Sunday night - the wee hours of Monday morning in fact (12:09:25am, 12/04/2010) -  I received the following text from Vodafone:


After typing that, I just realised the significance - it's the first five keys of the bottom row of a "qwerty" keyboard. But anyway.

I was quite puzzled by that text. I got it immediately after sending a text to a friend who it was costing me money to text, and, with a low prepaid balance and fearing that this was an alternative to Vodafone's traditional "Sorry, you do not have enough credit to send this message" response, I checked my balance. But I still had enough money to send texts. So I showed the text to my friends and we laughed about it, trying to pronounce the word in an urgent manner. Zxcvb! ZXCVB!

But then just after lunchtime on Monday (12:54:36pm, 12/04/2010), I got another text from Vodafone:

Due to a system error you were sent a VF TXT on 12April10 that said 'ZXCVB'. Please ignore this message. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Well Vodafone, I refuse to ignore that message. It amuses me too much to do so. But rest assured that no inconvenience was caused at all - in fact, it was a source of much entertainment.

I found out later that one of my other friends also received this puzzling sequence of messages from Vodafone. What a mystery.


  1. Maybe it's a password to sth, keep tracked! lol

  2. One of my m8's has received the same as you and your friend.
    It seems awfuly strange.
    We all have seen TV/Movies/other media, and know, remote cellphone activation, camera and microphone activation, GPS tracking and lots of other stuff is now readily accessable and utilised by various private Investigators / Government Bodies / Law Enforcement / Telcos etc...
    If you, were, a paranoid type of person, It would be easy to believe one of these attacks would need a way to be transmitted to the cellphone. So..... It would also seem logical, a txt or multimedia message, would be a great delivery method.

    but hey... most people wouldn't come to this paranoid amd unrealistic?? conclusion... or could they?

  3. ^^^^^hes right theyre spying on you.