Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's interesting?

"Interesting" means different things to different people. Things I'm interested in might bore you to tears. So I'm not commanding you to find any of this interesting. You might not, and that's ok. However, if you find nothing I post interesting, that would be sad, because I intend to post all manner of things, some that I find interesting and some that I don't. Hopefully, everyone will find something interesting in the posts yet to come. I won't be the only one writing things to post here - I'm going to ask my friends to write interesting articles for the blog, and readers are welcome to submit articles also.

And despite the title, not everything here will be interesting things to read! Some people aren't interested in reading (except for blogs, apparently). So there'll be interesting pictures too. Links to interesting websites. Interesting games. Interesting words. If you like interesting things, you'll like this blog. If you don't, and prefer to be bored, go sit in the corner, close your eyes and think of nothing. Then get back to me and tell me how that's going for you.

Just to start the interesting things off, here's a few interesting things:
An interesting website: - Some of you may have heard of MLIA is the version for when your life doesn't suck - it's just normal. Here's my favourite today, just from a quick scan of the front page:
"Today, while typing the word when, the letter E got stuck, so the word became "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". I was pleased my computer was enjoying itself. MLIA "

Some interesting music:
Tango music! If you speak Spanish, it's fun to try to decipher the Argentine accents and figure out what on earth the songs are about. If you don't, listen to the funky violins and bandoneons.

An interesting thing about Argentine accents:
When I was in Argentina last year, I spent a solid ten minutes trying to tell the teller at the money exchange that I was staying at the Hotel Goya. When I finally thought to show her the word "Goya" written down, she corrected my pronunciation to "Hotel Goizha". MLIS (my life is strange).

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