Monday, July 19, 2010

An Interesting Fact

The sweat glands on the palms of human hands are only triggered by nervousness.

Not by heat, or physical exertion or anything else.

So sweaty palms on someone are a very clear signal that there is something on their mind.

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  1. This is actually not entirely true. Eccrine sweat glands, the most numerous type are found all over the body but yes, particularly on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and forehead.

    An increase in sympathetic nerve activity in your body as well as an increase in epinephrine secretion from your adrenal gland takes place when you are nervous, anxious or afraid. So, your eccrine sweat glands produce sweat. SO thats why this post IS accurate. But here's why it is wrong...

    #1- Something that is NOT caused by emotional or physical activity is called diaphoresis or hyperhidrosis. Basically excessive sweating.

    #2- Physical activity. Try some good old fashioned hands on labor in hot weather with a hammer... or put some rubber gloves on while staining the deck on a summer day... your hands will sweat. Reason being... Eccrine sweat glands produce sweat all over your body- to cool itself from the heat.

    #3- The same sweat glands found on the palms of your hands are the same on your face, forehead and the rest of your body (along with the Apocrine sweat glands found in your anal/gential/underarm areas). These glands ALSO respond to chemistry changes from certain medications, nicotine and foods that contain spicy ingredients.