Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guy on the bus, part two

It just occurred to me, loyal readers, that I should update you concerning the guy on the bus - the only update being that I saw him again, at a different busstop. This was aaaages ago - back before I graduated. Friday the 20th of November, to be exact (so basically, a month).

My Spanish class had just finished our Spanish exam. Afterwards, we were heading to an eatery in Newmarket - Mexicali Fresh - for a celebration dinner (I recommend the place highly). People went their various ways, but the way I went was on foot, with three or four others from my class.

And there he was.

Sitting on a bench waiting for the bus, somewhere on Ranfurly Road. I immediately hid behind the others, to their confusion.

"That's him!"


"The guy from the bus, the cute one I blogged about!"

"You wrote about him in your blog? You stalker!"

"Why do you think I'm hiding?"

We then reached the conclusion that he would not have read my blog and therefore wouldn't have known that I was stalking him, and, having passed him by now, I seized the chance for another ogle.

And until now, I entirely forgot to update the blogizzle about this momentous event. How thoughtless of me.

On a different note, might I highly recommend Ramblings of the Bearded One? Kim Ayres is a bearded Scotsman who blogs about all sorts of things. I find his philosophical posts, and the ones about depression/mental illness, particularly interesting.

Another blog with some pretty philosophical content is Soul Survivor, by someone I've actually met - Naveen! Naveen lives in Christchurch. I met Naveen on the NZIBO training/selection camp (the camp in which the New Zealand team for the International Biology Olympiad was selected). He has interesting thoughts.

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